SIA BaltEnEko (Baltic Energy and Ecology) was established in 1997, while implementing the first small scale cogeneration pilot projects in Baltic's – at Lielvarde and Adazi.

The use of modern, energy efficient and environmental-friendly technologies is a key setting point of BaltEnEko. The company has a valuable experience in management of projects related with production of environmentally friendly energy, collection and maximal expedient use of methane in waste polygons, implementation of cleaner production processes in companies and production and sales of biomass fuel. Large experience has been gained in the project management referring to different grants and commercial investments - AIJ, PSO, ERUPT programs, and cooperation with NEFCO on clean production projects implementation, as well as cooperation with UNDP/GEF.

All the company's staff has higher education – degrees of bachelors, engineers and masters in economy, engineering and social sciences conferred by different universities. Attending of specific courses and continuing studies at universities regularly improve the knowledge level of BaltEnEko staff.

Regarding to implementation of the common EU legislation and the particular EU directives, overall improvement of energy-efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction is essential in Baltic countries. Energy-efficiency in combination with renewable energy brings an opportunity to decrease dependence upon imported energy. Biomass projects lead to an increased use of local, for society more environmentally friendly fuels. Due to the long-term experience, one of the essential company's abilities is to provide technology and business solutions for the reduction of energy consumption in industry and, consequently, lesser production cost, thus improving the market competitiveness of our clients.